Bobbie James-Borener

Meet Bobbie James-Borener


Bobbie James-Borener began an early career selling Aflac insurance. The one on one customer service she offered to clients nourished the foundation of the many years to come in what certainly has established her as a dedicated and highly respected professional in the Real Estate property and services arena. Bobbie has studied law as a paralegal and a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management. Bobbie has pounded the path of success for more than 10 years in Real Estate Properties that through her passionate and ethical work standards, will dubiously be granted continued success for many years to come.


Bobbie is motivated by helping others.  Her passion, dedication, and determination are just a few qualities her clients can expect when working with her.  Bobbie will go above and beyond for her clients and is known for her thorough research practices to ensure a full disclosure is provided to her clients allowing a complete and informed decision. A solid line of communication keeps her clients updated throughout the entire transaction process. Finding the perfect fit for her clients, everlasting home is the top priority, Bobbie takes the time in getting to know her clients.  “You cannot learn where you do not listen.”

In her free time, Bobbie enjoys the outdoors. She and her husband frequent hockey games, and enjoy mountain hiking. Performing Arts along with seeking unique venues, shops, and restaurants are her most enjoyed moments.



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